Berit Christian Counselling & Training, based in Scotland, is founded on the conviction that God is deeply interested in us and that He desires a relationship with us.

God demonstrated this interest by entering into a covenant with those who seek him. The name Berit, which is Hebrew for covenant, describes how God has promised to put all that he has and all that he is at our disposal. This is an agreement, or oath, that he will not break. Such covenantal promise is important for our identity and wellbeing and essential to Biblical Counselling.

The Christian Counselling that Berit offers is based on a biblical model and differs from secular models. Most secular counselling models consider that we have the capacity to change, and can do so with the right environment or tools. Biblical Counselling, on the other hand, begins with several beliefs: 

  • we are made in the image of God
  • that image has been broken
  • that on our own we cannot change
  • lasting change is possible through Christ

The good news is that lasting change is possible and can be achieved by a change in our hearts. This process is really a relationship with God, based on understanding and applying the Grace offered to us by Christ's death on the cross.


Internet Counselling

We are now offering Christian Counselling via Skype. If you are interested please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07816945241.

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